Ion Javelin & Band

While Mike Burn and Willi Bopp work already since many years together with Ion Javelin, drummer Benno Bruschke and bassplayer K.D. Wentz joined somewhen in 2009 and completed the live-setup.

Mike Burn

Guitar - In 1985 Mike Burn joined the underground-formation 'Secret Society', in which incidentally Sebastian Teufel played the drums (nowadays drummer of the Indie-Band 'Yellow Jumps Twice'). Already at this time Mike's guitar playing was deemed exceptional. Before that, in his early youth, he laid down together with drummer Jaro Forejt the basic foundation for what became known as the 'Eschborner Kellerconnection', which was supported by bass player Mike Debus and keyboarder Willi Bopp (all native from the tiny town of Eschborn). Not only in Germany Mike Burn belongs to the pioneers of the independent MP3-movement, since already in 1996 together with the gifted 3D-designer Andreas Matzke he frickled on one of the very first Indie MP3-videos ever, which back then became a classic on In the following Mike participated in far more than 100 online-collaborations with musicians from all over the planet, among others with Lauren Gibbs, Priscilla Hernandez, Mark Hewer and Daniel Iorio. As a logical consequence numerous musical journeys followed to the USA, Canada and various european countries. Besides Ion Javelin Mike is working with the 'mikeburn and friends band' and the exceptional scottish singer Kate Cassidy and the 'Mabuse project', there together with bass player Kai Eckhardt and the drummers David Haynes and Sean Rickman.

Willi Bopp

Keyboards - Born 1964 in Frankfurt/Main. Studies of biology (neuroscience and human behaviour) and anthropology. Since 1989 sound engineer/ audiomaster at the Mousonturm in Frankfurt/Main. As from 1990 chief of the sound department at TAT in Frankfurt/Main; as part of this function he was the sound designer responsible for productions realized by, among others, Michael Simon, Wooster Group, Reza Abdoh, Ilka Doubek, Heiner Goebbels, Elke Lang, Christoph Nel, Jan Lauwers and Saburo Teshigawara. Since 1995 until today independent sound designer/ composer for Heiner Goebbels, Saburo Teshigawara, Charlotte Engelkes, Christian Möller, David Moss, Wanda Golonka, André Wilms, Ottmar Hörl, Ensemble Modern, Ornette Colemen, Kai Eckhardt, Carol Robinson, Musik-Fabrik-Köln, Ensemble Remix Porto, Wolfgang Mitterer, David Horne, Ali N. Askin, Wayne McGregor/ Ensemble contemporain as well as for various theatre, music, radioplay and movie projects for many other artists worldwide. He also contributed as a sound designer to events such as the Expo Flambé [Hannover 2000], the KFK fifties anniversary [Frankfurt/Main 1989], the IBM Congress and Gala [Vienna 2001], fashion shows with Issey Myake [Tokyo 1998], the opening ceremony of the Football World Championships [Munich 2006], the pope visit and the families day [Valence 2006]. From 1999 to 2001 he was a teacher at Giessen University, at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, in the fields of sound design, sound and studio techniques. Different workshops and lectures all around the globe.

Benno Bruschke

Drums - Benno Bruschke made his first experiences as a drummer during his time at school in diverse bands and started having lessons with wonderful teachers. Afterwards he began studying drums at the FMW in Frankfurt/Main and received his degree in 2011. Benno worked as a live- and studio-drummer among others for Tortuga Bar, Aerials/ Jennifer Rostock, Analog Anthology, Joseph the Evil and Zitronenfalter as well as for the musical West Side Story and various theatre-, live- and studio-productions covering styles like Jazz, Pop/Rock and Electro. He exclusively uses Wahan Drums, Masterwork Cymbals and Custom-Sticks Drumsticks.

K.D. Wentz

Bass - K.D. Wentz is 28 years old. He is currently living in Ortenberg, a beautiful place in a region called Wetterau. He has been musically active for 18 years. The bands he's in right now play different musical styles such as Klezmer, a coverband and several Jazz and Pop projects. He is actually studying at the FMW (Frankfurter Musikwerkstatt) and gives lessons at the Gederner Musikzentrum.





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